Guarantee Requirements

Guaranteed Closing Requirements - Update 11/19/2020

Guarantee Requirements

Last Updated: 1/1/2021


Individual Must Meet ALL of the Following Guarantee Requirements to Be Eligible For Our 100% Money Back Guarantee refund. Guarantee Requirements require account review (i.e. Not Changing Any Ad Campaigns) may be decided at the discretion of the Zale Media Team.

1. It has been at least 5 months using Zale Media's "The Celebrity Agent System" 

2. It has been no more than 6 months since the purchase date of the system (date of the first payment or deposit to Zale Media).

3. You have NOT changed or altered any of the provided campaigns, qualification questions, qualification settings, targeting or provided media (pictures) without Zale Media's Approval

4. You have spent a minimum of $300/Month on Ad Spend, for each and every month of the 5 months, solely on the Recommended Applications Campaign via the Facebook Ads Platform (Facebook/Instagram/Mobile Apps/Stories).  

5. You must have conducted all your communication (Calls, Texts, Voicemails & Emails) with the Leads provided from Zale Media's System inside the provided CRM at You must follow the provided messaging scripting & prompts proved in the Lead Conversion and Follow Up Training in the Zale Media training portal.

6. You have shown up On Time for Every Booked Appointment You Received. Calls for the appointments must have been made inside the crm with dated times & recording.

7. You may not delete any contacts or conversations you have had with leads inside the Zale Media CRM. 


8. All Outbound Calls Must be Made using the "Bulldog" strategy taught in the Zale Media Lead Conversion Training

9. You (or someone on your team/an ISA) must contact all leads a minimum of 10 times in the first 30 days of receiving the leads (automated drip messages not included). Communication must be performed inside the provided Zale Media CRM.

10. You must complete (watch) & implement 100% of the provided training from Zale Media in the Training Portal Located in the Zale Media CRM.

11. You must reach out to the Zale Media team immediately in the event there is an error in your system. Any messages regarding errors must be sent within 24 hours of the error occurring.

12. You must have made all your payments on time with no late/failed payments or chargebacks.

13. You must have contacted all applications (leads) received and may not disqualify any leads via the qualification application. You may not add in or alter questions in the qualification application without written approval from Zale Media.


14. You must have completed less than 1 transactions/closings with buyers, sellers and/or renters in your whole real estate business within the 5-month period. This includes closings from paid ads, organic marketing, referrals, other lead companies, networking & your sphere that may have been impacted from your marketing or the Zale Media system.

If all the above requirements are met, Zale Media will refund the amount paid (directly to Zale Media) for the marketing system. ​

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