Rules of the Game

These rules are here so that we both can succeed long-term. By signing up for any service or product, you are agreeing to these rules:

I understand that Zale Media has my best interests at heart and they are taking a risk for my benefit.

I understand that products from Zale Media are only a supplement to my sales efforts, not an overnight, one-shot, cure-all for my business.

The growth of my business is solely my responsibility and I understand that I must engage in other proper business development activities including, but not limited to networking, referrals, cold calling, warm calling, etc., and not rely solely on Zale Media for my business success.

I agree to allow Zale Media to do their job and not micromanage any part of the process.

I understand that Zale Media is a Consulting company and by going into business with them, I understand that they provide a system/product, and it is my responsibility to use the system to generate sales.

I understand that Zale Media has many clients and that Zale Media employees have lives and families and promise to respect their time and trust that Zale Media will deliver the results as outlined.

I understand that Zale Media is not a perfect system and, just like any other business, challenges happen.

I understand that I am going into a partnership with Zale Media and, if any challenge arises, we will both work together to solve any challenges and be patient with one another to make things right.

We both understand that we are human beings and agree to be understanding and compassionate with anybody that we deal with in our business while striving for the best results possible.

I understand that by violating any of these rules, I will be impeding my own business, Zale Media’s business, and Zale Media's ability to generate consistent, long-term results for myself and their other clients.