• Nathan Zale

Marketing Automation on Social Media

The KEYS to being efficient and consistent on social media

Have you ever thought to yourself?...

“What do I post on social media?”


“How do I manage social media?“

“I can’t manage my business and social media, there’s no way!”

Then, keep reading.

One of the biggest challenges most solo entrepreneurs, those trying to build their personal brands, real estate agents, lenders, and really anyone in general that’s looking to be active on social media is effectively managing their time on the platform and coming up with content to post,

Which, I get.

But, there’s a way. Let’s go through three frequent concerns, with some easy answers:

How do I get content to post on Social Media?

The clear coat answer to this is to BE INTENTIONAL.

Define your brand. Define what your audience would find valuable. And execute.

What could be super helpful if you’re unsure is have a strategy/whiteboard session with yourself, colleague or loved one. Determine what sort of content would need to be captured/conveyed and go from there. I personally use pinterest for a lot of inspiration and create mood board for my clients, so we can visualize the vibe.

Once you have your plan in tact, spend 2-3 hours creating a marketing calendar for yourself. Determine the content you want to get from the marketing calendar and execute in advance.

If this means hiring a photographer once a month or once a quarter to capture your brand, then do it!

If this means spending 2-3 hours a month taking photos, then do it!

It all comes down to being on the offense and being proactive with your content creation.

How do I post on social media without taking up too much of my time?

If you don’t think you have time to post on social media, you’re in luck.

There are dozens of FREE scheduling tools such as hootsuite, later, and more. For my agency, I use Sprout Social, which offers more advanced options for reporting, analytics, and user experience.

Since you took the advice on how to get content, now it’s up to you to distribute it. You can schedule it weekly, monthly, or whatever pace is best for you.

This will essentially streamline your content, so you don’t have to figure out what you should post.

If you don’t want to use these calendars, just take a mental note, or plan the night before. "I’m going to post xyz on social media.” Save it as a draft, add it in your calendar.

What do I post on social media?

Okay, so now you have your content, your marketing calendar, and scheduling in order,

So, what do I post?

Well, there’s a few ways to look at it. My take is if it’s not providing value, entertaining, educating, or impacting, then don’t post it.

Come up with captivating captions that do just this. Accompany the captions with the most contextual image and share!

If you’re on multiple platforms, you’re going to have different audiences. Your LinkedIn connections (more professional platform) are going to be different than your instagram followers (image driven, impactful imagery driven), Your Facebook friends (documentation, style) are going to be different than your twitter followers, etc. Adapt your copy and positioning to the audiences.

If you’re posting on LinkedIn or Facebook - you can also share industry related articles that are interesting to you and your followers. Just remember, adapt your copy to your audience .

In conclusion

It all comes down to planning ahead. Be intentional about creating the content and be intentional about executing the content. Once you have the content, then you have something to post. Right?!

Yes, it’ll be uncomfortable and yes it’ll feel like a “waste of time,” but trust me, it’ll end up saving you mental time while upping your content game in the long run.

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