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Get Qualified Appointments with Buyers & Sellers that are Ready to Begin the Sales Process!
Tired of having to cold call dead-end leads or having to nurture leads until they are ready to begin the sales process?
With Zale Media, you don't have to!
Zale Media CRM is our Sales & Marketing Software that qualifies & sets an appointment for you with prospects that come from our proven advertising & marketing campaign when the prospect is ready to start talking.
Features & Benefits: 
  •  Done-For-You Marketing & Ad Campaigns

  •  Done-For-You Website & Funnels

  •  Appointments are Set for You

  •  Prospects are Qualified & Vetted

  •  Leads are Nurtured Until Ready to Talk via VM/SMS/Email

  •  Eliminate Time Following Up with & Nurturing Leads

  •  Professional CRM & Appointments

  •  12 Months of Nurturing