Guarantee Requirements

Guarantee Requirements - Update 6/1/2020

Individual Must Meet ALL of the Following Guarantee Requirements to Be Eligible For Our 100% Money Back Guarantee refund. Guarantee Requirements require account review (i.e. Not Changing Any Ad Campaigns) may be decided at the discretion of the Zale Media Team.

1. It has NOT been more than 60 days since the purchase date (Payment Date) for the system.

2. You have NOT changed or altered any of the provided campaigns, targeting or provided media (pictures).

3. You have spent a minimum of $600 on both Facebook & Google individually.

4. On both Facebook & Google, out of the $600 for each platform, a minimum of $300 went into Buyer Campaigns and $300 was spent on Seller Campaigns.

5. Within all the buyer & seller campaigns categories, you have spent a minimum of $100 targeting each demographic: First Time Home Buyers, Buyer Application, Certified Market Analysis, Foreclosure, etc. 

5. You have NOT received a single lead or application from the system provided by Zale Media.

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